First-time buyers build life together with the help of Mulberry Homes and Quintessential Living

First-time buyers Beth and Harry have recently settled down together in Lutterworth in a brand-new Mulberry home, after we began offering an exciting new experience to homebuyers across the country.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality homes and communities across the Midlands, and have elevated our brand further with “Quintessential Living” and The Mulberry Experience.

“Quintessential Living” encompasses our ethos of being passionate about building beautiful homes that effortlessly blend into their surroundings, and of being committed to providing a high standard of service to our valued customers.

There are five unique strands to the brand: Quintessentially Located, Stylish, High Quality, About You and Community Focused.

One example of this refocused luxury experience in action comes from first-time buyers Beth and Harry.

The young couple, both 24, moved into a brand-new Houlton style home at our Kingsbury Park development, and haven’t looked back since.

Beth said: “It feels amazing to finally own a beautiful home of our own, we just feel so lucky to have had such a positive experience as first-time buyers.

“We had been living with Harry’s parents in Rugby for a year which was lovely, but we’re so grateful to have our own space now and be able to create our own lifestyle as a couple.

“It required a lot of saving, but we didn’t feel like we had to cut anything out of our lives to make the move manageable. It’s been a dream of mine for years to own a home, so I’ve been pretty much saving up since university to be able to afford it one day.”

At Mulberry Homes, we have always prided ourselves on the elegant and luxurious design of our traditional homes, something that first attracted Beth and Harry to us as the premier choice for their new home.

Harry said: “It was the exterior of the homes that made it obvious very early on that we’d end up going with Mulberry Homes. The homes have this wonderful heritage look about them and felt very luxurious.

“We immediately fell in love with our bay window and the cream window frames, as they really set Mulberry Homes apart from the other housebuilders that we’d looked at.

“Buying a home at Kingsbury Park was a no-brainer with the wonderful green spaces, lovely nearby country park, and the neighbouring village that we love to visit. We were such big fans of the rural location that was still so well connected to Rugby, as we are able to have our own separate lives while still being able to easily visit our parents.”

Beth and Harry were able to enjoy all the perks of The Mulberry Experience, which provides each homebuyer with a personalised and effortless home moving journey.

As part of the experience, we keep buyers in the loop with the status of their home at every new build stage, and maintain a regular line of communication.

On moving-in day, new homeowners will be treated to a ‘Completion Day Experience’ package, consisting of a Mulberry Homes branded cafetiere and specially-roasted coffee, a chiller with sparkling wine and two flutes, and hand soap, a towel and teddy bear.

Beth added: “We loved The Mulberry Experience as we felt really valued as customers, and like everyone was going above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and as stress-free as possible. We were given regular updates on all the key stages while Mulberry Homes were building our home, and the communication from the sales team was great. They were able to answer all our questions, were incredibly kind and would always take the time to talk with us.

“We had early access to our home, as organised by one of the sales advisers who was there to answer any questions we had. We picked up our keys at 10:30am and had an area designated for us to arrive and move all our stuff in. It made everything so easy and hassle-free.

“The best part was walking into the home and seeing the truly beautiful job that had been done by the professional cleaners. As we were being given our detailed home demonstration, it really did seem like the perfect place for Harry and I to build our life together moving forward.”

Within The Mulberry Experience, new homeowners enjoy a whole host of services:

  1. Early check-in

    Prior to legal completion, buyers will have early access to their brand-new home. The early check-in service will be organised on the day by a dedicated sales adviser, who will be on-hand to answer any questions.

  2. Professionally cleaned home

    We’ll arrange for the home to be professionally cleaned, making sure each room is spotless, so that the new homeowner can settle straight in.

  3. Pre-designated area for arrival

    To keep moving day stress to a minimum, the customer will have a pre-designated area outside their home, so that they can transfer their belongings safely and securely. This clear zone will provide easy access to the home, enabling a hassle-free move.

  4. Detailed home demonstration

    Within seven days of legal completion, the site manager will help customers to re-familiarise themselves with all the features of the new home, making sure they feel comfortable as soon as they step over the threshold.

    During the demonstration, the site manager will also discuss homeowners’ transition to our Customer Care Team, who will be available to help with any additional queries following move in day.

Mulberry Homes, said: “We are very proud of “Quintessential Living” and The Mulberry Experience, and are delighted to hear that Beth and Harry have settled into their new home so easily.

“At Mulberry Homes, we pride ourselves on adding a personal touch to the home moving journey, and making each buyer’s experience unique to them. Our residents are at the core of all we do, and every member of our team puts their all into making our developments more than just bricks and mortar, but into places that people can feel proud to live in.

“From our subcontractors to our sales advisers, everyone at Mulberry Homes is committed to providing homebuyers with the best possible experience. “Quintessential Living” is our pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standard, and The Mulberry Experience demonstrates our willingness to go above and beyond.

“As we begin unveiling exciting new developments under this evolved brand, we cannot wait to welcome new residents into their dream homes.”

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