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Your Customer Journey

With Mulberry Homes, your homebuying journey is an experience where we put you in the centre of the process. From your initial search of finding your dream home, to the moment you step into your dream home, we will be there to support and guide you through each stage. We understand how important this is to you and so we want to offer you reassurance and support to ensure your journey is seamless and stress-free. We have a dedicated team to help along the way and our handy customer portal, which has all the information you will need about your home.

Find Your Dream Mulberry Home

We will provide all you need to find your dream Mulberry home. Be assured that we apply meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process from understanding the local area, to planning and designing the development, to building and finishing a home.

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Reserve Your Home

Upon reservation, enjoy our handy tools to start to create your home. Browse the customer portal and find out everything you need to know about your journey.

Personalise Your Home at Houlton The Mulberry Homes Visualiser Customer Portal

Moving In

You’ve moved in to your dream Mulberry home! We’re proud to say that we are deeply invested in every house we build, and never lose sight of the most important thing of all: that every home is unique, because your home is where life happens. Therefore we ensure that we continue to be there for you once you move in with our home demos and our supportive Customer Care team.

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