We’re sharing the top benefits of new build homes

In response to the Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) new report, we are sharing the top four reasons why homebuyers should consider new builds in the search for their perfect home.

Last month, the HBF released a new report called ‘Watt a Save!’, which found that new build house owners’ average savings will increase to over £3,100, as energy prices are set to rise again in spring and the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee cap will increase on Saturday 1st April.

Mulberry Homes, said: “The news that homeowners will save over £3,100 from April is fantastic. Making the move to a new build home comes with many financial and environmental benefits, as buyers are generating valuable savings each month.

“We’re very proud of the homes we build here at Mulberry Homes, and are excited to be sharing our top benefits, helping property seekers find a home that is perfect for them.”

  1. Save on household bills
    The HBF’s report details that, on average, buyers of new build properties currently save over £2,000 on household bills each year, the equivalent of £174 per month. Homeowners of new build houses specifically see an average saving of £216 per month, equating to over £2,600 a year.In December 2022, the average annual running cost of a new build was just over £1,400, compared to an average of over £3,500 for older properties.
  2. Live sustainability
    85 per cent of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency in December 2022. In comparison, under four per cent of existing properties reached the same standards, and 51 per cent were rated D or lower.New build homes also require significantly less energy use and emit over two tonnes of carbon less than older properties each year.

    All of our homes come complete with an energy efficient Ideal Standard/Combi Logic boiler and thermostatically controlled radiators as standard.

  3. Benefit from better mortgage offers
    Purchasers of newly built, energy efficient properties can also save on their mortgages.Tom Andrews, Director of Salcey Mortgages, said: “Mortgage lenders are starting to reward people for buying more energy efficient properties. Some lenders will give you a cheaper interest rate, for example, and some mortgage lenders can even give you cash back. There is one high street lender who will give you £500 cash back if you’re buying a very energy efficient property.”

    Homebuyers who are keen to own a Mulberry home can organise a free, no obligation chat with Salcey Mortgages to gain advice and answers to frequently asked questions, such as “how much can I borrow?” and “what will my monthly payments be?”.

  4. Take advantage of homebuying schemes
    Unlike second hand properties, new build homes can often be purchased with the help of homebuying schemes and offers.We are proud to offer a number of incentives and buying options at selected developments, such as Part Exchange* and its Assisted Move scheme*, which are perfect for buyers who have not yet sold their existing property. Homebuyers are able to trade their current home for their dream Mulberry property, and rest easy knowing they have a guaranteed buyer. At the end of the homebuying journey, buyers can look forward to having more cost-effective energy bills.

    There is also the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ scheme*, helping first-time buyers step onto the property ladder. Parents or family members of the homebuyer who contribute five per cent or more towards the price of the home will receive a thank you gift of £2,000.

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