Manor Heath in Leighton Buzzard receives customer experience score of 89

Our Manor Heath development in Leighton Buzzard has received a Net Promoter Score (NPS)©, or customer experience score, of 89, putting the development in the top five per cent compared to performances by other UK housebuilders.

The NPS is a widely-used metric that measures customer experience, and sees customers partake in a survey that asks them how likely they are to recommend a company to a friend, family member or colleague.

The scores can range from anywhere between -100 and 100. A score of 30 to 50 is classed as ‘average’, 50 to 70 is seen as ‘good’ and 70 to 100 is ‘world class’. Companies in the latter category are highly recommended, and have extremely happy and loyal customers who generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Situated just off Heath Road, Manor Heath is a stylish development of three and four-bedroom detached homes, where over 75 per cent of properties have now sold.

Manor Heath’s score was sourced by independent customer service satisfaction experts In-house Research, who surveyed 28 customers between November 2021 and October 2022, which represents 78 per cent of residents who have now moved in.

Only 10 per cent of brands in the UK have a NPS of 40 or more1, meaning Manor Heath’s score of 89 puts the development well in the top percentile. In comparison, John Lewis reported a NPS of 70 in 2020/212, whereas this year Marks & Spencer Stores scored +813 and Marks & Spencer Group received +293.

The 89-point score also means Manor Heath has a customer experience score of nearly twice the industry average, as the housebuilding sector achieved a NPS of 45 as a whole4.


Many homeowners spoke highly of Manor Heath and the designs of the homes. One customer said: “[Manor Heath] is well-considered, it’s spaced out well. They’ve thought about the shrubbery, footpaths and the spaces between the houses. It seems to be planned out really well; aesthetically.”

Another commented: “It’s the build aesthetics, the cream windows, the sage and muted colours for the doors and garages that give [Manor Heath] a more high-end feel. The red brick that has been selected is also very good, I’m really happy with the mixtures of different bricks and the render.”

A lot of survey replies also focused on the Mulberry Homes team, and the care buyers received on moving day. When moving in, customers were able to enjoy an early check-in service and were treated to a ‘Completion Day Experience’ package.

One homeowner said: “From the start the staff have been really good. The early check in [made me feel special and valued on completion day], and there was also very little pressure on the paper side of things and that made the day better. From all the new builds I have seen, [Mulberry Homes] are the best without question. They stand out compared to the other new builds we went to visit.”

Another resident added: “The team themselves were amazing, their communication was great. They made a big fuss, it felt very welcoming and the welcome pack was a nice touch.”, and a third customer said: “They were very attentive. There was a lot of care that went into everything. We had good service on [moving] day, and that’s continued since moving in.

Kerry Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Mulberry Homes, said: “We are exceptionally proud to have received such an incredible customer experience score at Manor Heath.

“At Mulberry Homes, we put a lot of care into planning our developments, and optimise the layouts to ensure our homes are perfectly positioned and blend in seamlessly with green open spaces. Our customers are at the heart of all we do, and we pride ourselves on creating vibrant new communities.

“Manor Heath is a stunning development, which has been carefully designed and built to accommodate residents from all walks of life, from first-time buyers, to working professionals and growing families, to downsizers.

“We’re very proud of the site team at Manor Heath, which consists of Site Manager Greg Driscoll, Sales Advisor Faye Taylor, and Stacey Clarke, Customer Experience Manager. The whole Mulberry Homes team, from those who laid the first brick to those who hand over the keys to new homeowners, have put a lot of hard work into this site, and we’re thrilled that their dedication has been recognised.”

Polly Sweet, Client Liaison Executive at In-house Research, said: “Compared to other housebuilders’ developments across the UK, Manor Heath’s performance is placed in the top five per cent of NPS. This is an incredibly high score, and we’d like to congratulate Mulberry Homes on their efforts