We have helped Bedfordshire school children to learn about hedgehogs

We have treated year 2 pupils at Silsoe VC Lower School to a special talk on hedgehogs, and donated specially-made hedgehog highway signs.

The children, aged 6 and 7, were visited by Kate Callow, from Hedgehugs Rescue and Rehabilitation in Sharnbrook.

The talk was focused around why hedgehogs are in decline and the need to help them, providing advice and tips on how the children can support hedgehogs found in their back gardens, such as leaving out kitten biscuits and water to support them and making hedgehog highways so they can roam freely.

As part of the talk, Kate took one of the hedgehogs under her care with her, and presented a series of photos and videos.

Alongside arranging the talk, we donated 30 hedgehog highway signs.These signs are incorporated throughout the our developments, and are carefully designed to provide hedgehogs with access routes to wander around the area.

The talk and donation of hedgehog highway signs follow the developer’s contribution of £250 to the school last month (April), which will help further the pupils’ environmental understanding and education.

Miss Smith at Silsoe VC Lower School, said: “It was great to hear all about the work Kate and her team do at Hedgehugs. The children loved learning all about how they can look after hedgehogs in the wild. Being able to stroke a real hedgehog was an added bonus too!”

Kate said: “It’s great that Mulberry Homes is promoting the use of hedgehog highways in their developments, as hedgehogs can roam over 1.5km a night. It will give them access to more beetles, bugs and worms, as well as the support, food and water provided by helpful families.”

Mulberry Homes, said: “We are thrilled to have been able to organise this hedgehog talk for the pupils of Silsoe VC Lower School, and provide each student with a hedgehog highway sign.

“We’re delighted to hear the talk was a huge success, and that the children had such a wonderful time learning about hedgehogs!

“Supporting local wildlife, particularly hedgehogs, has always been one of our core values at Mulberry Homes. We take a lot of pride in installing hedgehog highways and other beneficial features at our developments, and always jump at any opportunity to support local communities in their own efforts to aid animals in need.”