Celebrating 10 Years of Mulberry Homes

This year, we lay the foundations for our 1,000th home, quite a fitting milestone as we celebrate 10 years in business. The last decade has seen Mulberry Homes grow and flourish from a small seed into a sturdy business, branching out across the Midlands to create aspirational places to live.

In 2011, the company’s founders had a vision. It was a vision to build beautiful homes in equally beautiful locations, without compromising on the quality of life for residents.

Beginning with small bespoke developments and just a handful of homes, the then Mulberry Developments, went on to forge and form new partnerships, building confidence and experience as the team grew. Developing organically and paying careful attention to the needs of homebuyers, Mulberry was able to fill the service gap between large PLC developers and smaller bespoke, local builders. This ingenious middle ground enabled the company to acquire desirable locations sufficient to have scale while maintaining a warm, welcoming and aspirational feel.

Over time the business adapted, with each year providing a new opportunity to reflect and improve. A rebrand of the business in 2017 helped Mulberry to identify better with the residential market while continuing its expansion plans, and the Mulberry Homes name was established. At this time, standardised house types based on the most popular designs were introduced, complementing the bespoke designs and offering more choice for customers.

As Mulberry’s trustworthy reputation amongst land owners and agents grew, the team was well equipped to continue on this trajectory, underpinned by good land acquisitions in strong sales areas. This small and agile team could offer something that others could not, making Mulberry Homes a real competitor, particularly where there was potential for both residential and commercial development, given the entrepreneurial expertise within the team.

Mulberry has developed a strong reputation for delivering upon its promises with landowners, and repeat business has often been established through a network of agents who trust that Mulberry will work quickly and efficiently on a new project.

Just like the plant of the same name, Mulberry Homes has experienced significant growth, yet the family tree remains close knit. Working collaboratively and offering a sense of ownership for everyone in the company has seen 22 developments flourish over the last 10 years, with more planned for the future.

Here’s a look over key milestones since Mulberry’s birth in 2011, spanning to today 2021.