Top Ways of utilising a Renz box – Number Four : Return unwanted parcels

Our top ways utilising a Renz box can provide a huge helping hand:

4. Return unwanted parcels

As well as delivering your packages, Renz boxes can also be used to return them, depending on the courier used.

During the lockdown months especially, many of us have fallen victim to bulk shopping online, only to end up having to send multiple purchases back, resulting in endless trips to the post office. Avoid the queues and stay safe at home by letting the Renz boxes do the hard work for you.

#Automatedsmartparceldeliveryboxes, have been recently introduced to selected developments. Known as Renz boxes, they keep homeowners’ deliveries safe and secure within individual compartments that are operated by a pin code and mobile app, ensuring only those with the right access are allowed inside.

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