With more people than ever now working from home, staying focused has become an even bigger challenge. Finding ways to keep healthy and energised during the working day is essential, and there are many ways to transform your home office into a productive and enjoyable space.

As part of our #HealthyHomelife campaign, we have teamed up with Ironstone Wellbeing Centre to share the best ways to boost productivity and mental wellbeing whilst working at home.

  1. Drink plenty of water

 Alongside your morning coffee, keep a glass of water in your office. Not only does water help to reduce headaches and improve your mood, it can also minimise snack cravings. Harry Hewetson, Studio Director and Nutritional Therapist at Ironstone, said: “Often, our brains can mistake thirst as hunger, so next time you have a sugar craving, try drinking water first instead.”

Although it may seem more exciting, squash isn’t as beneficial as water and is full of additives and sweeteners. Instead, add fruit or cucumber slices to your water to give it a boost of flavour. And if you find yourself craving a fizzy drink, the best alternative is one-third orange juice and two-thirds soda water, providing you with a healthy but equally delicious beverage.

  1. Pick the right snacks

 Eating healthy snacks help to keep you full throughout the day, limit cravings for unhealthy food and improve your performance. With a wide variety of snacks available, from raisins to sunflower seeds, you won’t be spoilt for choice and you don’t have to buy foods that are particularly fancy or expensive. Simply eating a piece of fruit can help, as watermelon is a great energy booster and blueberries are a brilliant snack for enhancing brain performance.

The best snack to munch on is nuts. Harry advised: “It’s important to ensure you’re eating enough protein and fatty snacks, and nuts are an ideal choice. Walnuts are an excellent source of protein that help to keep you focused and almonds are great for brainpower.”

  1. Don’t rely on sugar to get you through the day

While a sugar high can give you a temporary boost of energy, the inevitable crash isn’t worth it. A sugar crash can majorly disrupt productivity and leave you distracted and fatigued, as well as cause headaches and negatively impact your mental health.

Harry said: “The best way to avoid a sugar crash is by eating balanced meals and healthy snacks throughout the day, as this will keep your energy levels consistent. To keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy range, eat a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit, for example, six almonds with an apple; the protein and fat from the nuts will slow down the release of sugars from the fruit.”

  1. Switch to decaffeinated drinks in the afternoons

 Staying away from caffeine after three o’clock can help you to get a good, restful night’s sleep. Harry recommended red bush tea (also known as rooibos) – a sweet-tasting, healing tea without caffeine, and an ideal alternative to black and green tea.

He explained: “Red bush tea is a safe and effective insomnia remedy, that is known to reduce sleep disturbances and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.”

  1. Take regular breaks

Stepping away from work in short intervals breaks up your day and makes tasks appear more manageable. Small breaks can help you to re-focus, boost creativity, retain information and provide you with personal deadlines to keep you motivated.

Harry recommended: “Move your body and get some fresh air. Having a change of scenery, whether that’s going for a walk or spending some time in your garden, can help you refresh both physically and mentally. Taking time to relax away from a computer screen can prevent headaches and eyestrain too.”


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