Electric Car Charging Points

Electric Car Charging Points

Relax and re-charge your batteries with convenient charge stops in our visitor parking area.

Both residents and guests can make great use of this technology, helping make the air we all breathe clean and pollution free. Simply through charging, we hope to encourage the uptake of low-emission vehicles.

Step One

Simply download the “eoapp” on the App Store or Google Play. When installed, you will need to register and enter your payment details.

Step Two

Connect your vehicle to the Plug-N-Go charge point using your Type 2 cable. Plug your cable into the AC socket of your car and the other end into the Plug-N-Go charge point. Once connected a green light will show on the charge point for a minute or two. If the light glows red, please contact support on 0333 232 1111

Step Three

Use the app on your phone to scan the QR code on the side of the charge point or select the charge point you are using on the map and press “confirm”. Your car will begin charging. When you have finished charging use the eoapp to complete the charge (on some models of car you may need to complete the charge from your vehicle, instead.) Finally, unplug the cable and you are read for your journey. 

Available at selected developments. Please ask your Sales Advisor for further information.