Top tip Number Six – How homeowners can make their gardens hedgehog-friendly 🦔

Whether they are living in our gardens or just simply passing through, hedgehogs play a key role in our ecosystem and have been cited as one of the UK’s most loved mammals. 🦔

As part of a pledge to improve local ecology, we have partnered with Wyboston-based Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support to offer advice to homeowners on how they can transform their gardens into better homes for our prickly neighbours.

Amanda Norman, Founder of Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support, said: “With hedgehogs declining at such an alarming rate, there hasn’t been a more critical time for us to help the humble hedgehog by trying to protect them and nurture them – and that involves us looking at what they need, right now.

“I always say teamwork makes the dreamwork, and that’s why when Mulberry Homes asked to team up with my rescue I was absolutely delighted. It’s all about education, but not just that, it’s also opening up our gardens and creating wildlife corridors keeping hedgehogs off the roads.”

Kerry Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Mulberry Homes said: “Our gardens can be hugely beneficial resources to hedgehogs and there are lots of quick and easy ways to build a better and more sustainable environment for these much-loved animals.


“Even the simplest addition to your garden can make a huge difference, and with summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to get your children involved too.


“To mark our 10-year anniversary of providing new homes, we have teamed up with Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support to provide 10 top tips on how to create a safe haven for hedgehogs in your garden.”