Top Ways of utilising a Renz box – Number One : Avoid unnecessary distractions during meetings

Automated smart parcel delivery boxes, have been recently introduced to selected developments.

Known as Renz boxes, they keep homeowners’ deliveries safe and secure within individual compartments that are operated by a pin code and mobile app, ensuring only those with the right access are allowed inside.

Our top ways utilising a Renz box can provide a huge helping hand:

1. Avoid unnecessary distractions during meetings

Virtual meetings and #workingfromhome have quickly become the #norm, as many professionals across the country have moved from offices to spare rooms, studies and kitchen tables.

When you’re in the right productive headspace or an important meeting, the last thing you need is a distraction of the doorbell ringing and dogs barking. 🔕🐶

Using the Renz boxes during your working day eliminates those interruptions, allowing you to focus solely on the task at hand with the knowledge that your parcel is safely waiting for you to collect at the end of the day.

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