“Off Plan” Buying Benefits for First Time Buyers

With the demand for housing higher than ever, more and more home-seekers are choosing to buy a brand-new home before its built and reap the rewards that off-plan provides.

Buying “off plan” means purchasing a property before it’s reached completion, sometimes before construction has even started and can have numerous benefits:

For first-time buyers

The homebuying process can often be daunting for first-time buyers, but actually purchasing a home off-plan may make it easier to take those first-steps onto the property ladder.

With an off-plan home, there may be a long period of time to wait before buyers can actually move into their property, but this additional time may benefit first-time buyers by enabling them to save even more money whilst their home is being built.

First-time buyers may appreciate the extra time to save, as they’ll have plenty of money to furnish their new home exactly as they like it, or even invest in a larger deposit.

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