Top Tip 2 on The Best Ways to Enjoy a Cosy Home with Autumn/Winter

As the nights draw in and the summer months come to a close, many people are looking forward to the cooler seasons, where they can enjoy long walks through falling leaves and getting comfy on the sofa with a good book.

We have teamed up with Steeple View Interiors to share the best ways to make your home cosy this autumn/winter.

“I’ve put together my top tips to fully embrace the Autumn/Winter season this year and transform your home into your very own haven, making it the perfect space to stay warm and cosy.”

Charlotte McCormack, Steeple View Interiors owner


2️⃣Create a pumpkin patch 🎃🎃🎃🎃

 It’s almost impossible to daydream about autumn without thinking of Halloween. For many it’s the perfect night to watch horror films and for kids to get dressed up in costumes, but with no parties and trick-or-treating this year, why not decorate your home instead? Go all out for the spooky season, but rather than pining up paper ghosts and spiders, chose subtle, neutral décor that’s suitable for autumn as a whole.

Charlotte suggested: “Adding a collection of pumpkins and squash to your kitchen or garden can be really effective. It’s perfect for the season, and adds a splash of orange to your home.

“If you’re a creative-type or have kids who want to get involved, you could make your own pumpkin decorations and crafts too, like pumpkin garlands or bunting, to make your home fun and personalised to your family.”

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