Tidy like a pro during lockdown with advice from The Declutter Darling

Mulberry Homes has teamed up with Instagram sensation The Declutter Darling to share tips on how to declutter your home like a pro during lockdown.

With Government advice meaning officially far more time in our homes than ever before, now might be the ideal opportunity to tame those clutter filled corners and cupboards.

The Declutter Darling, aka Rachel Burditt, from Lutterworth in Leicestershire where Mulberry Homes has a development called Kingsbury Park, said, “With the lines between space for home, work and the classroom a total blur for most families since lockdown began, it might feel like keeping the clutter under control is an impossible task.

“But with some simple tips, a tidy home could become part of our new stay at home routine.”

Rachel’s top tips are:

  1. Start small

Set a timer for 30 minutes and look to see what you can achieve in that time.  Don’t go crazy and decide to overhaul your whole wardrobe if you’ve never decluttered before.  Start with one draw and see how you get on from there.  The more confident you get at a task then the more time you can allocate to a project.

  1. Use what you have at home

There’s no need to go out and buy more storage.  Everyone needs to be staying at home right now.  Utilise what you have at home – shoe boxes are always a winner and mobile phone boxes are great for small items.  Old jars washed out are ideal for storing pasta and rice or even toiletries.  Try to think outside the box too!  Asses what you have and what you don’t actually need and see what you can come up with.

  1. Set goals

Write a list of things you want to achieve, plan when you’re going to do them and how long it will take (taking note of point one, put the small jobs first).  Think about what’s important to you but be realistic about time and don’t get upset if you don’t manage to complete a job when you said you would.  Now isn’t the time for giving you or your family any extra stress.

  1. Timetable daily jobs

Make tidying up part of the daily routine for the whole family.  Have a system or a weekly schedule, for example ask your children to put their toys away in an agreed place at a specific time of day.  And when you’ve successfully decluttered and area introduce a new system for adding or taking away items, so that the organisation can be maintained.

  1. Be proud

Admire your hard work, especially if other members of the household have been involved as well.  This could be a great chance for a team project the results of which everyone can be proud.  And don’t forget to share the fruits of your labour on social media.  Instagram in particular is a great place to join the declutter conversation and get inspiration for your next project.


The Declutter Darling can be found on Instagram and Facebook using the handle @TheDeclutterDarling or on